The Most Advanced Platform

We have an advanced custom built platform that is completely tailored to your business on installation. Allow us to work with you to deploy the perfect hardware and call flow logic to suit your business needs.

Video Phones

  • Full Color Video
  • Completely programmable
  • Works with door cameras and lock

Touchscreen Phones

  • Android on a Desk Phone
  • Sleek Design
  • Integrates with Cell Phone

Business Class

  • Advanced Call Routing
  • Web access available
  • Record automatically

Access Advanced Features From Anywhere

User Control Panel

Every User has full access to a web interface where they can check their voicemail, manage their contacts and view their call history among other features.

Operator Panel

Your operators can triage calls more effectively by knowing who is available and tracking to make sure users don’t stay on hold for too long. Administrators can access advanced training and quality control features.

Detailed Call Logging

Have access to a recording of every call! Run detailed reports on all sorts of data such as how many times a number has called, how many calls any given extension made in our out, average call length per extension and much much more.

Even More Features

This is just a small list of some of the features these systems can provide

Automated Attendant


Customized Rings

OverHead Pages

Voicemail to email

Customizable Hold Music

Cell Phones as Extensions

Flexible Call Logic

Call Queues

Advanced Reporting

Call Recording

Day and Night Routing

Digital Answering Service

Google Calendar Integration

Internal Phone Directory

Advanced Conference Rooms

Video Phone Support

Call Blocking