Custom Hardware – when factory default isn’t good enough

While we are very happy to bring you the best options from all of the major distributors, sometimes they don’t offer the perfect fit. Instead of buying something close and trying to make it work, let us build the right thing out of the gate. Pay for the options you need and not the ones you don’t instead of having to buy everything.

Not only does PC Solutions build custom Servers and Workstations but we also build out Firewalls and Phone PBXes. With aggressive pricing and warranties we can bring your total cost of doing business down significantly.

Network development – link sites, vendors, and clients

We build out incredibly complex networks for businesses both internally and externally linking networks, phone systems, vendors and third parties together for consistent reliable and secure communications. We have cleints that need secure connections not only to their own remote sites but to their clients remote sites.

We routinely work with third party vendors and IT groups to craft extremely complex interwoven network configurations. Let us set up your work from home employees to be able to answer calls. Let us connect you directly to all of your clients and their networks. Let us build something for you that gets you where you need to be.

troubleshooting – complex problems require clever solutions

 PC Solutions has over 100 years of combined technology experience. We can handle things that overwhelm any single technician regardless of how good they are. There is just too much out there for any one person to know.

We have a very open and collaborative environment and we approach most troubleshooting collectively. The harder your problem is the more minds will be working on it. Our favorite problems are the ones someone else couldn’t solve.

SUPPORT – reactive and preventive

IT Support plays a crucial role in the success of your business; Alex’s PC Solutions offers monthly contract service plans for all your computer and networking systems. We provide scheduled and routine maintenance to ensure that we catch problems before they bring your business to a halt.

Our technicians are on call 24/7 to ensure your systems stay in the best of health. We guarantee a timely response for every service ticket you open.