Our Business Philosophy

A word from our CEO, Alex Permenter:

“I’m an informal guy. My company isn’t a huge labyrinth of bureaucracy. I get to run it the way I want to run it. I’m not a salesman and I’m barely a businessman. I’m an engineer, I like building things. Everyone who works here is an engineer that likes to build things. We get to do all of the things that upset the business guys and salespeople. We get to make radically different decisions than everyone else in the industry (and we do).”

Learn about the pillars of our business philosophy:

Radical Transparency: No Information Withheld

Fair Pricing: No Haggling

Intentional Ownership: No Passing the $BUCK$

Clear Pricing: No Nickel and Dime-ing

Flexibility and Agency: No Long Term Contracts

Radical Transparency

We are committed to  Radical Transparency: NO Withholding information. Everyone at our company can view our books anytime they want (excepting private salary information). We candidly discuss our costs with our clients and frequently show them vendor invoices. Alex himself will happily will explain in as much detail as needed all of our technical processes, costs and vendors even to our  competitors if they want to listen (and they have).  It’s about community. It’s about trust.


Fair Pricing: NO Haggling

Our prices are fixed, we don’t haggle at all. You will pay exactly the same amount per unit as everyone else. We have a few clients that are grandfathered into a more aggressive rate and we have some professional partnerships that have a group discount that we can talk to you about when you sign up. We won’t do this back and forth routine where we try to guess at the absolute most amount of money we can get you to pay. Our prices are set 12% above our average costs.


Intentional Ownership

No passing the $BUCK$. How many different companies are you actually paying for service? Is your current provider making you buy expensive networking equipment with an expensive yearly support contract?  Are they making you buy expensive pro service support on all of your computers? How much of THEIR JOB have they tricked you into paying someone else to do for them? We build most of our equipment, including our firewalls, in house. We would NEVER let a third party computer technician from a major retailer even touch a computer that is under service agreement with us. We don’t know if they know what they are doing and that’s what you pay us for.


No “Nickel-and-Dime”-ing

How many different ways are your costs being hidden in that slick sales proposal? Other groups have a million hidden costs that they aren’t going to talk about during their pitch. You’ll find out about them after you’ve signed the contract. You might (probably will) pay a fee every time they have to send a tech to your site. You might (probably will) pay a fee every time someone does some work after 5pm or on a weekend. You might (probably will) pay a fee anytime you need to have a software upgrade done. Ask these questions when you are looking.


No Longterm Contracts

We start you out month-to-month and keep you there. If you think about nothing else when looking at providers, think about that. We have literally been told by more than one competitor that this is stupid.

From Alex: “I have had a local competitor in town BRAG to me that his clients have to pay the full three year term of their contract if they want to leave and that he can sell their contract to anyone else if he wants which made me literally feel dirty to listen to. I don’t care if it is not the best way to make money, that’s not the company I want to have and that’s not the way that I will EVER do business.”

Every single month, if we aren’t meeting your expectations you can let us go. It keeps you safe and it keeps us honest and hard working. We can maintain our work under month-to-month pricing because of our commitment to fair pricing.