Tired of expensive, confusing, and outdated answering services?

Finally, ditch your expensive answering service for a modern, accurate , and reliable alternative. Replace the confusion and cost of outdated answering services with the Tier2Technologies On-Call Service .

Our flexible system allows patients to contact the appropriate staff member after-hours and leave a message. The on-call doctor, nurse, or staff member receives the message immediately through their choice of phone call, text message, email, or page, and can return the message without revealing their personal phone number.

Save thousands of dollars a month with our flat, fixed fee regardless of the number of calls made or received, and improve client satisfaction with a modern and reliable alternative to your current answering services.

>>Save thousands of dollars a year
>>Never miss an on-call message
>>Receive messages via call, page, email and text
>>Call patients back without revealing your phone number
>>Automatically call a backup if your primary doesn’t respond
>>Adjust your on call schedule easily from your own calendar