Computer and Network Support in Macon

Networking Systems

 At Alex’s PC Solutions we have extensive experience in designing and implementing networking systems that help your business run smoothly. We have custom-built dozens of network solutions for businesses in the Macon area, ensuring their systems are up and running when they need to be. Whether you’re connecting a dozen computers or a satellite office, we will guide you through the process of building a network with the highest degree of functionality – all at a reasonable price.

Networking Services and Computer Support

  • Custom-Built High-Capacity RoutersWe build each of our routers in shop to ensure the quality of every part, so we can deliver a system that keeps your data moving quickly.
  • Fiber Optic Cabling/Networking SystemsFiber Optic networking offers your business thousands of times more bandwidth than networks with traditional copper cabling.
  • Point to Point Secure VPN DeploymentsWe have extensive experience in setting up secure VPN connections that allow you to connect satellite offices. Interested in working from home? No problem; we can even help you access your work computer from your home office – safely and securely.
  • Mesh Wireless NetworksA wireless mesh network enables communication between infrastructure components by using a series of plug & play access points which work together to expand coverage throughout your entire property – without the need for extensive cabling and wiring.
  • Custom-Built Hardware FirewallsA firewall is an important part of your system security; it controls incoming and outgoing network traffic, and can be optimized so it protects your computer network and limits outside access to your systems.
  • Data Back-up & StorageWe offer cloud-based and off-site back-up solutions that keep your data and networking systems safe and secure.